What Visitors Should Know When Travelling to Grainger

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Grainger County, Tennessee Travel Guide

Grainger County is found in the state of Tennessee. Grainger is known for its agriculture and historic preservation. The county is also famous for its significant amount of tomato and wheat production. Besides being great at agriculture, Grainger County has vast tourism attractions.


Getting Around

Grainger County has a well-developed transport system. It can be accessed via air, road, water, and rail. When it comes to getting around the county, visitors can choose road and rail transport.

Attractions and Fun Activities

One of the best attractions to visit in Grainger County is the Appalachian Quilt Trail, a series of attractively painted quilt blocks. Here visitors can experience the culture, art, music, food, scenic views, history, and hospitality of the locals. Among other must-visit destinations are the Veterans Overlook on Clinch Mountain, Old Grainger County Jail, Tate Springs Springhouse, Rutledge Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Henderson Chapel African Episcopal Zion Church, Richland, and more.

In Grainger County, there are numerous fun activities to do depending on one's preference. Some of these include going hiking, mountain biking, or nature walking at the Johnson Ridge Trail, attending the Grainger County Tomato Festival, fishing at Cherokee Lake Fishing Charter, and touring the Buffalo Springs State Game Farm.

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Grainger County is an all-year destination, with summer being the busiest since it is warmer with longer days. The people are friendly and very cordial. Visit this destination for a lifetime experience!